My Life in Webpages

Get to know me through my internet habits!


Hi everyone!

Since you guys are still getting to know me, I thought it would be fun to share something maybe funny, maybe embarrassing, and definitely ridiculous!

I’m one of those people who literally has their open webpages maxed out on their phone. fortunately, I learned my lesson and don’t do that to my laptop anymore because apparently not turning it off can totally fry your motherboard (if you didn’t know this, you’re welcome)! So basically this is a “Let’s get to know Katie based on what she looks up on the internet” post. This is a cruelty-free zone, so no judgement on what my interests are!

So, here goes:

So, the first tab that I have open on my phone browser is for a trampoline park. That’s right. I said it. A trampoline park. I went once for my boyfriend’s birthday, and then I got to thinking about how awesome of a workout it is! Turns out the one closest to me has a Flight Fit Boot Camp. It sounds amazing and something I would really love to try out sometime!

Next I have open a page from the only blog I have followed consistently over years now. That blog is Simply Taralynn. Many of you have probably heard of her because she has a pretty big following. She blogs about healthy eating, her day-to-day life, her travels, and she does giveaways pretty often too! She has been a huge inspiration to me – even before she started Simply Taralynn (she had a blog before too)!

The body nutritive serum from is the next page I have open. I’ve been staring at this product for over a year now wondering if the testimonials on their website are real and wondering if this seemingly magic product is all that it is cracked up to be. If I decide to try it, I’ll get back to you guys and if you have, let me know if it really is liquid gold!

Next, I have a PDF version of the Kayla Itsines Beach Body Guide open. While being just shy of obsessed with Kayla and her program, I have yet to commit to the price tag of the glorious program. There are fitness diaries all over instagram of plenty of women who have tried and seen amazing results from BBG. If you want to check it out, click here

Following that are two tabs open with different, ideal wedding venues. I’m not getting married, nor am I even engaged, but my boyfriend and I realize that time is just around the corner and want to have any idea of what we want when that time does come. Nothing wrong with being prepared!

alt text

Black Balsam Knob is the next thing on my bucket list list of open tabs. I love hiking (except when the majority of the hike is switchbacks. I’m looking at you McAfee Knob…). Black Balsam is off the Blue Ridge Parkway in Pisgah National Forest near Asheville, North Carolina. The views look amazing and I hope to road trip there at some point during this summer.

You definitely won’t need to tell me how dumb I am for this one! I am truly an advertiser’s dream, okay? If they have a good advertisement and the product pertains to me at all, I will 110% want to own it! This time I’m talking about The Ninja Coffee Bar! The whole catch of the product is having coffee your way anytime. I’m a sucker for iced coffee and anything (or anyone) that can provide me with that is already half way to being in my top five. The way I feel about what I’ve read up on this coffee maker so far is that it does everything above and beyond that of competitors products. Additionally, (in my opinion) it offers the opposite of all things you hate about those products.

Next, we have FitTea. I did a 14-day round of a “teatox” once. I had to drink the tea that tasted like dirt three times a day in order to well, basically, wake up with abs. I was young-er and dumb and didn’t actually read anything about what made the tea “work.” I convinced my mom to do it with me. It was a terrible time because it tasted terrible, and we didn’t wake up with abs. Anyways, I have watched countless videos now of customers reviewing FitTea positively, but I seem to have trust issues with tea now. I’m probably going to purchase this in the near future (when I say near future, I mean in the following month). I’ll let you guys know what I think, so if you’re interested, keep an eye out for that!

Oh my gosh, I’m so ridiculous. This is so many!

My next tab is my new favorite Youtuber. You guys have to check out Blogilates. Her workouts are always easy moves which I can appreciate, but you can definitely feel your muscles working throughout the exercises. She has a great personality that keeps you motivated! She’s traveling this summer so maybe some of you will be lucky enough to work out with her!

ThirdLove is the next tab I have open. I’m certainly not committed to purchasing one of these bras yet because bra shopping is literally the worst thing after shopping for swimsuits! It’s supposed to be super amazing and the perfect fit, but I just won’t believe it until I try it!

Next, I have this pair of Ray-Bans open. I’ve been staring at them since January. You think I would have purchased them already, but I haven’t! Wayfarer’s are one of the only styles that I think look right on my face. I’m obsessed with the fact that I can get them polarized! However, that’s an extra $50 and for whatever reason $140 seems so much more reasonable than $190. I can’t stand the idea of spending so much on something so silly, but it would probably be worth it when I wear them everyday and don’t have glaucoma..

alt text

I have a local hair studio open in my next available tab. I want to get my hair redone, but I’m not really sure what I want &&& I don’t want to spend allll of my dollars on my hair. But give it two weeks and I probably will anyways. .

Next stop: wedding planner salary. I’m super organized and I’ve always thought it would be fantastic to be a wedding planner. I considered quitting college for a while and just getting a certificate in wedding planning. I figured I would leave wedding planning as more of a back up plan though rather than the only option when I don’t have a degree. Hence, the nutrition degree 😉

I feel like I’m going to be pretty judged on this one no matter what.. The next page I have open in the Jojo the Bachelorette spoilers from Reality Steve. I look every single season and he is very, VERY rarely wrong. He doesn’t have a lot of details about the season this time, but he still released the winner. So check that out if you want all of the spoilers, but don’t ruin it for your friends!

I also have Morgan Bullard’s blog open. I super recently found her through Blogilates. Her blog is all about hair, beauty, style, and health. I think she’s basically my other half. She posted pictures of her results of a workout program she did, and she looks amazing! Check her out!

How to use stain. I’m making my beloved boyfriend cornhole boards for Christmas (2015.. I’m the worst) and I’ve been super freaking out over them because I’m so totally afraid I’m going to screw them up. I have literally googled everything before even touching them!

I have open this trip to Thailand I’ve been dying to take for two years now. I wanted my bestfriend to come with me, and I really thought she was going to, but she would never commit to it, so I unfortunately also ended up not going. However, I recently realized that they still have openings for the end of July so I might try to get in on that before I run out of opportunities.

Where can I get my certificate in nutrition so I can actually do something with my life? That’s the next thing that’s open. And it makes me uncomfortable because then I have to be a real adult. So we aren’t going to talk about that.

I’ve recently been checking out CAILA by Carrie Underwood. This line is seriously amazing, but it’s kind of expensive. So if you can afford to spend $65 on a pair of exercise leggings then totally check out this line. In the meantime, you’ll find me raiding the racks of TJ Maxx.

The final page I have open is a comparison of fast-food smoothies. It basically did a run through of popular places to purchase a smoothie and defamed them for what’s in them and praised a few smoothies here and there. The island green from Tropical Smoothie Cafe was deemed as the best choice. I kind of agree and kind of disagree. I agree because you can reduce the added sugar and add protein, but I disagree because it definitely isn’t “healthy” as is. It has over 100 grams of sugar!

So that’s it folks. Those are the webpages I’ve had open on my phone for a few months now. I guess since I have them written down I can finally restart my phone and start all over again!

What’re your fave websites?

♥ Katie

That Sinking Feeling

Today I woke up in a very average mood. It was going to be an alright day. I got in my car and rolled the windows down on my way to work, and I kind of thought to myself that maybe this would be a good day as I was recognizing my mood improving. I knew I would be working with one of my favorite coworkers today, and I was excited for the midday shift. But, unfortunately, I did not have a good day.

I don’t really want to focus so much on what made my day so yucky, but more on the feeling that comes with a bad day.

All I wanted was to talk to someone about my bad day and basically have them feel bad for me and agree with me. Instead, my boyfriend was busy, my best friend was working, and my mom suggested a very unrealistic solution.

My best friend texted me later and offered to hang out and catch up. You know – being there for me. She ended up bailing and accidentally butt dialed me and turns out she’s going to dinner with her boyfriend now… which turned out to be the last straw.

That’s the feeling. The one where you’re totally unimportant and like no one is there for you and overall just kind of alone. I realize that this world does not revolve around me and most days I don’t need to remind myself of this, but days like today I have to constantly to keep myself from having a pity party.

Instead of dwelling on how crappy my day was, I’m going to work on a few DIY projects I’ve started and haven’t really had the time to finish (more on this to come!), workout for a little while because that always makes me feel better, and make this fantastic dish I’ve been craving for weeks! I’m going to play my fave jams and accomplish some to-do’s instead of just pouting! 🙂

I have to remind myself that these people have lives too, and they can’t just drop everything to make me feel better. I’m that person though which I think is what makes it so hard for me to understand why that isn’t returned. But in the end, it’s one bad day, one day feeling down, and one day of reminding myself that these people are there for me. It’s just one day. Tomorrow will be a better day. At least we can hope.

That’s all we can do anyways, right?

So when you’re having one of these days, remember that you aren’t alone, but it’s okay to feel down. There are always people who are having a worse day than you. Most importantly, though, remember that tomorrow is a new day.

♥ Katie

Nature is Better Than Therapy

After quite literally 21 days of rain, the clouds finally broke and we were kissed by the sun.

I finished up my junior year of college walking to class in bean boots and sweaters. It has been rainy and chilly for weeks on end. Virginia has weird weather but in my 21 years, I have never experienced so much rain. I drove back to hometown and it seemed as if the rain was following me. The rain continued.

But yesterday, the rain let up and the clouds parted and let in some sunshine. It was a gorgeous day. My boyfriend Stephen and I decided we would spend it on the lake. We didn’t decide where we were going until we woke up that morning which added some spontaneity to the entire day. We settled on a place and for the first time got to put our new kayak racks to use.

alt text

We purchased these universal J-craddle kayak racks from an Ebay seller with fantastic reviews. These were literally a steal! We payed hardly $40 for these including shipping. They aren’t brand name, but if you’re fine with that, I’d definitely check for some on Ebay.

It took us nearly two hours to get everything actually ready to hit the road. Our kayaks were in different locations so we had to pick them up separately. The entire process of getting ready was exhausting and enough to say “jaykay, let’s just stay here.” Instead though, we headed to the lake.

We had a bumpy start. I struggle with mild to moderate self-diagnosed anxiety. It’s truly so difficult to explain to someone who doesn’t deal with anxiety themselves, so perhaps I’ll just leave that for a different day and a different post. Anyways though, we got into the middle of the lake and I became overwhelmingly anxious. Stephen, the totally understanding boyfriend of mine, suggests that we head back in for a break and then we could reevaluate.

Shortly into our “break” I realized that I was holding myself back and that I could work through this and I would regret it if I didn’t at least try again. So I gathered myself, and we paddled back out into the lake.

After I worked through my personal issues, we were able to spend a few hours getting to know our kayaks a little better.We explored the lake and watched the dogs playing together at the adjoining dog park. We got some great tips from a experienced, friendly gentleman, and we ended up having great day soaking up the sun.

We are all a little ‘sunburnt’ here.

Things I learned:

  • SPF 15 is not enough if you’re sitting on a lake.
  • SPF 100+ is the best thing for freckle faces (if you like to keep your freckles in check like me)
  • Don’t bargain shop for a kayak and expect the best one you’ve ever paddled in.
  • Give yourself time to evaluate what you want.
  • When you are feeling overwhelmed, take a deep breath.
  • Get outside every chance you get.
  • Cliche ahead: Enjoy every moment.

♥ Katie